Drilling Optimization

WellServ, with the help of its MWD services can help clients adopt effective drilling practices to cut costs and improve performance at your wellsite

By gathering and interpreting critical data acquired from surface and downhole sensors, Wellserv engineers with specialised applications can guide and optimize your drilling program.

Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) (calculated using annulus pressure) is a powerful optimisation tool and can be used to addresss issues related to

    Applications Pressure Response Comments
    Monitoring Hole Cleaning A gradual decrease in ECD while steering indicates poor hole cleaning This results from cuttings settling out in high angle wellbores
    A steady increase in ECD while rotating indicates poor hole cleaning This results from settled cuttings being lifted back into suspension
    Short term variations in ECD can indicate poor hole cleaning This results from restrictions in the wellbore while circulating

Time logs are the best means to analyse drilling practices. Our team of experts will help you:

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