MWD Services

EM MWD tool is typically used for projects involving underbalanced drilling. Wells as deep as 2500m have been successfully drilled using the EM MWD tool. EM MWD tool can provide the following formation evaluation and optimization readings

Above services can be presented in the form of a log in both real time and memory

Real Time Logging

Logs that are created during drilling are called real-time logs. They are produced from real-time data transmitted to the surface computer from downhole.
To transmit data, the MWD tool sends the data uphole using electromagnetic telemetry that consists of sending a current into the formation with the drillstring as the return path. The data being sent is modulated in the current. The signal current is detected by surface antennas and sent to the surface amplifier for processing into logs. Due to constraints imposed by drilling and the method of telemetry, real-time data is typically low-density, and it includes only one or two variables per data point. However, real-time logs provide enough information for the client to make quick decisions during drilling.


Recorded Mode

In addition to producing real-time data, the MWD tool also records data in its internal memory chip. Data is recorded at a preprogrammed record rate in the memory. Typically record rate is 4-5 times faster than real time updates. Therefore, recorded data typically has a higher density and includes more variables per data point than real-time data. This gives a higher resolution image of the formation.
Recorded mode data is retrieved from the MWD tool when drilling stops and the tool is brought to the surface.


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