MWD Geosteering

Geo-steering is an oilfield term that refers to directional drilling guidance systems that have on-board sensors to determine the rock type either being drilled or in close proximity to the drilling head. Geosteering combines sensitivity to the geometry, rock properties and drillability into one service.

The objective of Geo-steering interpretation is to describe the stratigraphic location of the wellbore as drilling progresses and to keep the wellbore in oil/ gas zone as long as possible using all the information available from the downhole tools.

Others have described geo-steering as;

We at WellServ utilise tried and tested, industry-proven BlackStar MWD tools, designed specifically for geo-steering applications. BlackStar MWD has been utilised in the Horizontal CBM industry throughout Australia and Internationally for many years and is recognised as a robust and reliable system.

Several tool configurations are available, the most common being (Directional- Focused Gamma- Annular Pressure) or Directional- Dynamic Rotational Gamma (DRG) – Annular Pressure). The latter is also fitted with a Near-Bit Inclination Sensor, positioned just 2m behind the motor.
This system is ideal for CBM drainage holes, where the seams are narrow and it is essential that the drillhole remains in-seam at all times.
When interfaced with our Drillog real-time data acquisition and presentation software and BlackStar Log software the Geo-steering system provides our engineers with unparalleled real-time data representation to allow for truly informed decision making.

Geosteering Applications

Wireline Geosteering

Wellserv has developed a combined magnetic-gamma steering system. Unique to the Australian mining and utilities industries, the system allows our engineers to ensure that your drill hole remains not only on-target but also stays within geological boundaries such as a Coal Seam boundary.

Interfaced with our Drillog real-time data acquisition system it provides unrivalled data representation.

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