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Wellserv stocks a large range of Premium Oilfield Grade Non-Magnetic Drill Collars and Subs to support its MWD and Surveying operations.

Our Non-Magnetic Slick Collars and Subs provide the required strength and weight-on-bit to perform in harsh drilling environments, whilst providing a clean magnetic environment for our downhole instrumentation.

Our Non-Magnetic Flex Drill Collars are thinner and more flexible than standard Slick Collars. Their ability to make short-radius turns, bend for high build angles, and pass through sharp doglegs makes them ideal for use in directional and horizontal drilling applications.

Wellserv also carries a range of Non-Magnetic Gap Subs and UBHO Subs compatible with the collar and connection sizes shown below. Non Magnetic Drill Collars are available in these sizes in 10’, 20’ and 30’ lengths, with a range of combinations of thread connections.

Available Sizes Available connections
3½” OD x 2.2” ID 2 ⅞ PH6
4¾” OD x 2 11/16” ID 3 ½ IF
6 ½” OD x 2 13/16” ID 4IF
6 ¾” OD x 2 13/16”ID 4IF and 4 ½ IF
6 ¾” OD x 3 ¼”ID 4iF and 4 ½ IF

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