Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

Measurement While Drilling (MWD) applications involve the sending of measurements made by instruments located at the bottom of the hole back to the surface to allow the driller to understand parameters such as the location and orientation of the drill bit. Traditional MWD systems transmit information to the surface by sending pressure pulses through the drilling fluids or wire transmission. Electromagnetic (EM) systems send information to the surface through the earth’s crust utilizing low frequency electromagnetic waves.

The EM Signal always tries to return to the opposite side of the Gap Sub. As the EM Signal travels up the Drill Pipe it leaks off through the surrounding formations and returns to the opposite side of the Gap Sub. The objective is to get enough signal to the surface so that it can be detected by the Surface Amplifier.

MWD Tool Applications

Since the MWD tool’s EM transmission is continuous, survey data can be transmitted during connections resulting in considerable savings in rig time. EM systems are the preferred MWD strategy in many applications, including:

Features / Benefits

Through many years of field tests and design enhancement, the EM MWD offers many key advantages over more traditional MWD systems, such as:

Through continued consultation with our customers and suppliers Wellserv EM MWD systems are always evolving operational flexibility, efficiency and intelligence.

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