Electronic Multishot Survey Tool (EMS)

This Oilfield Electronic Multishot Survey Tool represents a new survey tool development utilizing a three-axis Quartz flexure accelerometer / magnetometer set to measure downhole surveying parameters and borehole temperature on a time basis. The multishot tool provides definitive survey information, corrected for magnetic inteference from the drilling assembly, before the well is cased.

Directional Measurement Unit

Memory Module with data interface port Single Battery Module

Applications & Benefits

Sensor specification (Standard Running gear)

Inclination Range 0 to 180
Inclination Spread 0.1
Azimuth Spread 0.75 (Inc>10 Dip < 70)
Tool Face Spread 1.0 (Inc > 10 Dip <70)
Operating Temperature -30 C to 150 C
Survival Temperature -40 C to 165 C
Calibrated Op Range 0 C to 150 C
Max Hold Off Time 200 hours
Shot Capacity 3700 to 5000 shots
Parameters Sampled Gx Gy Gz Bx By Bz Temp
Shock Qualification 500G 1 ms on three axes
5000 impacts per axis
Instrument Length 51.0″ / 1296 mm max
Instrument Diameter 1.5″ / 38.1 mm

MMT Battery Life Estimate
(Double AAA ALkaline and Double Lithium Stacks)

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