Our Products

We offer specialized products to meet your precise drilling needs. We offer highly viable and cost-effective MWD and LWD (Logging While Drilling) systems, including:


Our software solution for your well planning and well management needs.

Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Tools

We currently offer EM transmission MWD tools to assist you in drilling.

Magentic Guidance Tools

WellServ Australia currently runs the ‘Vector Magnetics’ Magnetic Guidance Tool (MGT) for all of its well intersection work

Electronic Multishot Survey Tool (EMS)

Economical and highly efficient way of surveying a borehole

Wireline Winch

We offer standalone wireline winches in different sizes to offer flexibility to our clients

Running Gear & Tubular

We offer a range of tough and reliable running gear & tubulars to suit your application

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