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Wellserv is continually developing new techniques and systems to improve accuracy, add benefit and reduce costs associated with directional drilling operations and to respond to market demands.
Ask us about our latest developments in target intersection, intrinsic safety and remote sensor positioning.

Our Head office is located in Western Australia, at:

56A Paramount Drive,
Wangara WA 6065, Australia

Contact Head Office:

Phone: (08) 9303 4616
Fax : (08) 9302 3040
Email : ‘info’ at ‘wellserv’ dot ‘com’ dot ‘au


Our Queensland office is located at:

100 Cobalt Street,
CAROLE PARK, Qld 4300, Australia

Contact Queensland office:

Phone: (07) 3879 3700
Fax : (07) 3271 1280
Email : ‘info’ at ‘wellserv’ dot ‘com’ dot ‘au

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